About Omega Scholars USMLE™ Review Program

USMLE Live Test Review Program

Go beyond the national average on your USMLE ™. Omega Scholars Live Test Review Program is a comprehensive review course that will equip and prepare medical students with the knowledge and confidence they need to pass and score high on the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE™).

The USMLE™ Review live test program is held on site here in downtown Atlanta, GA and Dr. Suleiman intentionally keeps classes small in size to ensure his students receive the individual, hands-on instruction they need to not only pass but excel on the USMLE™. Our live test QBank tutorials challenge our students and provoke insightful classroom discussions under Dr. Suleiman’s friendly and communicative direction. USMLE™ Classes are jam-packed with all the need-to-know medical information for each of the USMLE™ and the NBME® CBSE and CCSE.

The field of medicine is highly competitive and requires a lifelong commitment to service and excellence. Foreign medical graduates must now surpass their American counterparts. The USMLE™ Live Test scores of international medical graduates (IMGs) must be 15-20% higher than a US graduate in order to qualify for equivocal residencies. In the 2011 match, 56% of independent applicants did not match (according to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) website). The USMLE™ Step 1 and 2 examinations are crucial tools for residency directors to compare student’s competency in medicine as they are standardized tests. Omega Scholars review program will prepare you and give you the tools you need to beat the odds! Don’t be a statistic! The live test classes offer fast paced, systems-based and clinically oriented Step 1 and 2 review courses that will help you to confidently take and pass your exam! This course focuses on the material that is specific to the USMLE™ live exam and Dr. Suleiman will coach you on how to think critically and organize your thoughts so when test day comes, you will KNOW exactly how to approach the questions! Other review companies may offer similar services, but students agree this class is the best!