Step 1

This program is ideal for the medical student who wants to review the Basic Sciences in a fast-paced, efficient manner and master intricate tertiary concepts.

Step 2 CK

This program reinforces the pathophysiology learned in Basic Sciences and applies it to Clinical Medicine integrating diagnoses and management protocols.

Step 2 CS

Step 2 CS is a 3-day intensive CS review course. Expert coaching with over 20 hours of interactive sessions. High yield simulation with standardized patients.


Externships provide invaluable experience that enrich your field of study.  Improve your knowledge and skills within a clinical setting . Learn to work as part of a medical team.

USMLE Live Test Review

Why Us?

Welcome to Omega Scholars USMLE™ Review Program! If you’re looking for a high quality review course, you’ve come to the right place! Dr. Suleiman provides the knowledge and dedication to USMLE™ material that will exceed your expectations. He offers the best in USMLE™ review services and students who have taken his class will attest to it! Let him put his experience as a doctor and educator to work for you! For more information, please Contact Us!


Frequently Asked Questions

USMLE™ STEP 1 Preparation

One of the most common questions students ask is when to start the review program.

We recommend starting the review program whenever you are ready to commit to intense studying for the boards.

For Step 1, taking the course right after Basic Sciences will enforce key concepts and guide you through your preparation. The course may seem more intense when taken earlier on, however this will pave the way for your preparation in a systematic integrated manner. This will facilitate the learning process throughout the remainder of your preparation.

If you completed Basic Sciences a long time ago you can use the course as a refresher  to get back into focus. This is especially beneficial for students who have completed medical school and need to get back on track in order to do well on the USMLE™.

If you who have been studying intensly and choose to take the course towards the end of your preparation, this is tremendously beneficial because it ties all the pieces together and fortifies your knowledge ensuring better performance on the USMLE™.

USMLE™ STEP 2 Preparation and "Comp"

It is preferable to start the USMLE™ STEP 2 review as soon as possible in your preparation. In addition to STEP 2, the program can be used to better prepare you for the subject shelf exams and the NBME® Comprehensive Clinical Sciences Exam. This will give you an edge in rotations in terms of pathophysiology, diagnostic skills, why certain tests are used, treatment and management.

Will the program help me pass the NBME® Comprehensive Basic Science Exam aka Comp?

The majority of students taking Omega Scholars Review program have seen dramatic improvement in their comp scores. However this was accomplished mainly when students matched every hour of lecture time with at least one hour of self study and a block of questions daily. For students who simply took the review course, their improvement was moderate.

Is there any instructional material that follows the lecture?

No, Students are recommended to bring their own writing material and colored pens to produce their own notes. This way students are actively participating by designing diagrams, taking notes, and  question and answer sessions. Every Student is highly recommended to have an active question bank subscription and a recent copy of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, or MTB for Step 2.

How soon after the course should I schedule my comp or STEP exam?

This varies greatly from one student to the other. however, for students who actively attend the 6 week review program, study intensely and incorporate daily question bank sessions, an extra six weeks after the program completion should suffice.