“…information he covered overshadows what we did in Kaplan.”

Student Feedback

Dr. Suleiman’s Review Program taken: ☒STEP 1 ☐STEP 2

Name: Jimmy P date:5/24/16

How did you hear out about Dr. Suleiman’s Review Program?
Word of mouth from student who took the course.

How did you find the program to be in general?
Very fast-paced, Comprehensive, High-yield

What did you like most about this review program?
Dr. Suleman’s system-based approach: He covers the essential material from embryology to anatomy to physio/pathophys to the relevant micro/pharm. I appreciated his advice on how to study/ what materials to use/ linking to step 2 (management). I liked his approach with drawing out /writing on the board.
Have you taken any other review programs? ☒Yes ☐No

If yes, which one(s)?
Kaplan- 10 weeks

How did Dr. Suleiman’s compare to other review programs?
Night and day the amount of high yield information he covered overshadows what we did in Kaplan. I wish I sat in his course twice instead of doing Kaplan. He really does a good job interrogating the different concepts and emphasizing what was previously tested on step 1/ comp exam

How is your level of preparation now compared to before taking Dr. Suleiman’s?
I have more confidence in understanding the material (many things were taught / reviewed more effectively/ efficiently than I had previously learned.)
Would you recommend the course to a friend?
100% YES