Name: ssuleiman
Title/Position: MBBS-MD Program Director
Department: Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine (UK), University of London College of Medicine (UK), Royal College of Surgeons, Saskatchewan University, Universities in the Caribbean & Africa
Specialties: Surgery, Anatomy & NeuroAnatomy
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 4706589153

Faculty Bio

Dr. Suleiman has taught thousands of students across the world. He has taught medicine in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, the United States and Africa. He has chaired committees that create medical curricula.


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Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time
0001A s1 Step 1 Review Program 2nd Floor Board Room Mon - Friday 10:00am
0002 s2ck Step 2 CK 2nd floor Board Room Mon - Friday 3:20 pm
00003 s2cs Step 2 CS 202 3 See below