“My level of preparation is far better, I feel more motivated”

Very good He showed me the small things that can make a big difference.

He encourages us to study and shows genuine interest in our progress, He showed me easy ways to understand complex basic science concepts didn’t previously understand.

My level of preparation is far better, I feel more motivated

Thank you Dr. Suleiman for all the time you have spent teaching medicine and sharing with us your gift.

Jose Espinosa 10/2/2015

“Extremely beneficial, Affordable.”

Extremely beneficial, Affordable.

Dr. S helps you understand concepts and links the material in such a way that it becomes easier to understand rather than just memorizing.

Four hours a day is enough not to be overwhelmed, but we are also able to finish all relevant material within 6 weeks

I liked most the organization and presentation of all systems. Dr. Suleiman is the best Professor to teach medicine.

Tehmina Khan 9/30/2015